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Philippe RICHARD :
PanPipes, Flutes, Fluier, Kaval, BagPipe.

Phiphi du Gravier à la flûte de Pan
In the Richard family, they are born flutist (or flutor) from wire mother... Between nymph and muse, Philippe it's a whole history... Born in 1856 in Carpates, recycled in 1956 in Vendôme, aged of 16, he is lost in the forest of the Gravel by seeking reeds.
(On this subject, it's name of this wet forest that the origins come from his patronym with particle). He is stray in full coppice, without compass and at this point in time he falls on an enormous tuft wild bamboos. It's by arranging knife in hand its first flute, that he stumbles..... "Flute! Pan!" He exclaims...
Phiphi du Gravier au fluier
In 1973, he makes the meeting with the orchestra of the famous Rumanian flutist Gheorghe Zamfir.
It's of this meeting that will be born his passion for 'Syrinx', strange character with the hairy body and with the feet of goat which pursued the nymphs in the deep ones drink of Arcadie (1).....
In 1977, it's his first festival of Saint Chartier ; he becomes manufacturer-builder of Panpipes... During a good feast in a roulotte with some musicians, he contracts the virus of the 'Horn with Muse'.....
It's him which looked after marabout with the Old people's homes of Beaunes, he leaves cured and becomes bell ringer of bagpipe from there...
In 1980, he traverses Romania with its back bag and tankard a new virus, much more serious: the Virus of Tziganie.
This time it's chronic, it's still not cured by him...
Phiphi of the Gravier to the bagpipe - click on the photograph to go towards the site of Jean-Luc Matte (Holy page Chartier 1980)...
For a few months it has hopelessly sought another player of Panpipes to create "the Academy of the Flutists of the Gravel"...

For information ,
the PanPipes have existed for more than 5000 years before Jesus-Christ. The Pan Pipe was played at the time of Mozart, in the Rumanian campaigns...
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(1) One day, a terrified nymph was thrown in Ladon and was transformed into reed. The animal seizes reed, cut it of pieces, bound it and made of it an instrument which it called 'Syrinx', in memory of the nymph which bore this name."

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