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Joël : Accordion - Rythmic Guitar.
Originary from Normandy, between the Mount St Michel and the Capital, on the axis of exchanges, conquests, freedom and culture. Jojo au boutonneux During all his youth the music enables him to travel much through France, especially in Centre/Val area on the Loire, Vallée side of the Dormouse. Well before catching the virus of "boutonneux with straps" and of "limps with bugs", and to become the talented accordionist virtuoso ' zangorien' [option girls ], he begins the music at the 6 years age to "the Accordion Club of Sées" in the Flowering ash. At 8 years he sang already upright at counter of the coffees and bars of the area. It was the wish of his parents to see him accordionist one day. Themselves impassioned of balls and cycling, they wanted that one day he becomes accordionist on the Tour of France like were to it A.Verchuren, Aimable, Yvette Horner or M.Pruvot...
Jojo au boutonneux Of ' traditional ' formation accordion rather, he is several times Médaille of Gold to the great national contests of Low-Normandy (Domfront, Argentan, Gacé, Flers, Mortagne-with-Pole, Bellême, etc...) It's after these a few years with the Club (average two) and elsewhere, that he attends the Academy of Turns (Indre & Loire). Meanwhile, from 1985 to 1989, he follows courses of abdominal breathing and handling (of bellows) with Raymond Pigoreau de Montaillé (Sarthe), which will help he much thereafter in his various options. Jo à la gratte
In 1990, just before his entry at ' Zangora ', he joined the formation haversack to replace Lionel Mairet which was then wounded with the knee in the forest of Large-Lucé, at the time of a escapade, during the retirement of Russia. Lionel appreciating much his flexible, cherishing and ventilated play which transports sometimes aucunes in the 4th dimension incorporates he at once in his group... A few months later he is established and takes then its marks and reference mark within the multiethnic formation...

Note: For 6 years he has learned the guitar, which enables him to put back the back between two options, according to the duration from the concert...
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