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Jean-Luc VIOLETTE : Battery and darbouka.
Jean-Luc he is in some kinds the organizer, the agitator of Zangora...
He is the beater - percussionist, supplier (beers, supermarket "With the Fields")
presenter and deconnor of service of the group.......
He has more than one battery in his bag... (1 black, 1 white or 1 red, with the choice)
 Jean-Luc à la batterie... 
				  et Dom' à la déconnade
Jean-Luc divides his battery with Dom'; each one his cymbal as a parasol...
and the cows will be well kept, as said Mamy ucette!

At the Violet one is beater of wire father...
Autodidact, deconnor, presenter, organizer and agitator, he is originating in Choue close to Mondoubleau. Drived by hand of Master by his father, himself head of brass band with Mondoubleau since decades, he is drawn up "with the rod" and "the brushes"; he makes its weapons in this famous brass-band. He taps in the formations of the corner between bars, coffees, bars and lamb barbecues and village fairs... Equipped with a big
Jean-Luc se shoote à la batterie noire... Clique sur l'image pour zoomer experiment of ground, some feeling and a very fertile spirit, he partly brings the groove and the swing of the orchestra, between various private jokes and comments (generally always of good taste, except cultural exception...!) .
Lionel notices him on the ball of the AFN of Sargé/Braye; he had already located him on the ball of the firemen of Bessé/Braye, the toothed rack of Mrs. Guitton and the 60 years of Abel Bouchepointe, and incorporates him in the group.
Metronome of the group, he is the uncontested Prince of the after beat, the rim shot, the race strick and the buzz roll; in a word he is the binary and/or ternary pulsation of Zangora.

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