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To know better group "ZANGORA",

Discover this orchestra, groups vocal and instrumental, whih his six musicians multiethnic tambouriste' 100% Bulgarian, whih truths pieces .

The music which plays the group Zangora is inseparable of the gypsy people of central Europe; at the same moment lively, dance, rhythmical, real expression of enjoyment, he crystallizes the lived of a whole people for centuries; it's the synthesis of the other musical forms, nourished influences Bulgarian, Rumanian, Serb, Croatian, Slovak, Hungarian, slovene, Yiddish...
Zangora it's all sonority gypsy in six musicians and fifteen instruments : two accordions - clarinet, saxo soprano and saxo tenor - battery, darbouka - panpipes, fluier, kaval, Rumanian bagpipe - rhythmic guitar, will tamboura Bulgarian, low guitar and double bass.
Zangora it's first of all large and radiant friendship with a very strong complicity on scene. They like to share in all simplicity their music with the public, always in the joy and good mood, that of the life which breathes on scene and which characterizes them.

The orchestra welcomes the public in the hall / bar of Minotaure... Click the photo to enlarge it !
The Zangora orchestra in company of the Russian singer Nadiejda

This positive music which awakes the hearts and which gives desire for dancing and to feast is closely related to the dance; without the dance, it would in any case not exist, not this way there. The Zangora group can make live and make known this typical music of the Balkan countries which links the division, the freedom and the expression of a jazz to the colors, with phrased and with the virtuosity of the gypsy music heritage.
The Zangora group endeavours to play and popularize this merry and festive music in the purest tradition...
The musical tradition one finds it in the repertory, primarily of Bulgaria, of Romania, of Yugoslavia, of Albania, etc...
Each music corresponds to styles of local popular dances, dances that all the mode knows, of the binary rates/rhythms, of the Balkan rumbas, all the dances on odd rates/rhythms...
It is necessary to be virtuoso in the steps... As the photograph shows it below, Philippe Richard of the Gravel undertakes to show you the steps, to initiate you with the dance... and of you to make there enter... And as said with his accent sarthois Armande of the Gravel, Comtesse of the Sling and back grand' mother of Phiphi (which perpetuates the tradition roumano-sarthoise): "Enter the dance, see like one dances, jump dance embrace who you will want..."

Philippe Richard introduces you to the dance... Click the photo to enlarge it and see Phiphi of Gravier

With each concert, Philippe of the Gravel undertakes to make his ball...

"ZANGORA" it's initially passion for the gypsy music, the rates/rhythms rounano-Balkan and the dances of Central Europe : :
"Wealth is accompagnied by money, poverty by songs" * (proverbe gitan)
* "the richness is accompanied by the money, poverty by songs"