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All began there is almost 20 years... was beautiful Sunday of summer 89

Sunday July 6, 1986 :
It is after 9 years ' musettes' with the "old hand" of the vintage that the group is trained, with Jean-Luc, Philippe and Lionel, then Laurent who will arrive a few months later. Before the first concert, the group chose to be entitled "Zangora", deformation of the title of the Zongorã song (1) ...
December 12, 1986 :
It is the first concert with Vendôme...
School year 1987-1988 :
Presentation of the diifférents musical instruments in the schools of the area.
December 4, 1987 :
Breadboarding comprising 4 titles, with the studio Pier Feeler.
January 2, 1988 :
It is the beginning of a series in concerts with Mans, with the "Bakery of the Old woman".
February 13, 1988 :
The group begins from the evenings spectacles in Tours, in the "Rapsodia".
May 27, 1988 :
Recording by FR3 Mans in the concert to the "Bakery of the Old woman".
May 20, 1995 :
Concert with the Festival "Rockasav" with Savigny/Braye.
June 21, 1997 :
Participation in the Festival of the Music with Troo.
June 23, 2001 :
Joel integrates the group after a few years of replacement of the boss.
September 29, and 30 2001 :
Concert for the 10 years of the group trad' "Little Louis Laplanche" in Villiers/Loir, within the framework of the "Great Meeting".
May 19, 2002 :
Concert with the Festival of Pierrefite/Sauldre.
August 13, 2002 :
Concert of opening of the Festival of Montoire/Loir.
October 5, 2002 :
The group launches out in the recording of its first opus.
June 15, 2003 :
After 2 years of recognition, entry of Bulgarian Borislav to the rhythmic one.
August 26, 2004 :
Marriage of the niece of Janine Guitton with the son of Robert Boussicot...*lol*
May 4, 2005 :
Beginning of recording of the second opus...
1 er June 2005 :
Birth of the Web Site and the Forum.
November 12, 2005:
Fine of recording of the second opus. Refining, Mastering, Pressing...
December 16, 2005:
Concert for the official publication of this second opus "the road of Balkans".

"Zangora" is the deformation, even the extrapolation of the name of an instrument which then became a title of song: "Zongorã" (standard Rumanian)