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Welcome on the Web Site of the multiethnic "ZANGORA" group,

The musics of the East and Occident are plural. All the Gypsy music, of the Russian regions in Carpates, Balkans with Sargé-on-Braye, the Zangora group takes us along in an initiatory musical journey.
Their melody space is the fruit of the division, the exchange and mixing ethnic. Between the melancholy of the songs Yiddish, ardour and Slavic energy, the Zangora group combines enthusiasm, spontaneousness and virtuosity by always causing much emotion.

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Lionel, Borislav, Jean-Luc and Laurent accomodate
public in the hall of Minotaure
Click the image to enlarge it Borislav (tamboura), Jean-Luc (darbouka)
and Laurent (clarinet)
Between accordions, guitars, tamboura, flutes, fluier, kaval, Rumanian bagpipe, battery, percussions, darbouka, clarinet, saxophones, double bass, embark for a subtle musical ground gypsies journey through the richness and of the traditional mystery of Balkans...
It's simplicity, the complicity and the humour of the group which allures the public with each concert.
The occupation of space is optimized!
The six musicians are delighted and connect the pieces with enthusiasm...
Lionel "TheBoss" Mairet (accordion) and its accomplice of long dates Phiphi "Richard" of the Gravel (flutes, fluier, kaval and Rumanian bagpipe) exchange accessory glances, while Jean-Luc "FineFleur" Violet (battery and darbouka) ensures the rhythmic pulsation of the songs with Borislav "Rakia" Simeonov (tamboura - low guitar and double bass) between two small jokes slipped with Laurent "Milk" Hémon (clarinet and saxophones) and Joel "Finger-of Angel" Beaucheron (accordion and guitar).
Musicalies 2005 - Click the image to enlarge it
Concert with the church of Pierrefite-on-Sauldre
Festival ' Musicalies' - May 1, 2005